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TESS Trens SLIM Bridle


  • Quick Delivery
  • Unique design
  • Ultra soft leather
  • Good fit
  • Ecologically processed
  • Also possible with Swarovski Crystals
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TESS Trens SLIM Bridle

TESS Trens SLIM Bridle is the latest addition to the highly designed main sets due to passion for the horse. This extremely modern and functional bridle has been developed with the aim of creating a bridle that is friendly to your horse’s head and a feast for the eyes. Many ponies and horses are very sensitive on the nerve endings at the head and the thick padding under the headpiece and the 5.4cm wide nose strap provide a better pressure distribution which reduces the hindrance of the bridle. The headpiece is also anatomically shaped, allowing the ears to be spaced more and the pole to move freely.
In the browband is chosen for a single row with beautiful Stellux stones which gives the bridle a luxurious look. The nose strap is equipped with black metallic paint leather and the functional 53mm wide padding makes it a feast for the eyes and gives comfort to the horse.
See photos for all colors and the shape of the headpiece and the reins are included as standard.

There is also the possibility to opt for a Swarovski browband with warranty, see the ordering options. Choose your color(s) of your choice and when you indicate multiple choices they will be deployed side by side or around each other. If you have any other ideas please contact us.

Unfortunately, you’ll also see the options for Swarovski when you choose a standard bridle (€159.95) with stellux browband. This is delivered in the crystal white color regardless of whether you have entered the swarovski options.