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TESS Noseband Anatomical 6.0cm


  • Quick Delivery
  • Anatomical design
  • Ultra soft leather
  • Suitable for a headpiece with two buckles
  • Ecologically processed
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TESS Noseband Anatomical 6.0cm

TESS Noseband Anatomical 6.0cm is a particularly designed anatomical nose band due to passion for the horse. This noseband is super friendly to your horse’s head and a feast for the eyes.
Many horses are very sensitive to the nerve endings at the head and the ultra thick padding under the noseband gives it a better pressure distribution. No more fur pads or chin savers needed. The horse will experience less discomfort from the noseband and/or the chin pads. He is also cut back at the bit to create more space.

Available with and without a flash strap in 3 colours.

NOTE: Only suitable for a headpiece with a buckle on each side