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How do we plan a fitting?

Thank you for your interest in a  fitting! 

The fitting of our products is done by myself or a fitter affiliated with us that lives in your area. Our fitters have all been in the horse business for many years and each have their own specialization. You can rest assured that we have your and your horse(s)’ best interests at heart, and that in consultation with you we will fit the most beautiful, comfortable and appropriate product. At a fitting, we can fit our bridles, bits and girths for your horse.

Our fitters each have their own rates and terms. Do you want more information? Then contact us with no obligation using the request button above and we will connect you with the fitter closest to you.

A new and perhaps better fitting product can make your horse feel more comfortable and therefore more comfortable under the saddle. But, of course, there may be other underlying causes for certain behaviors in your horse(s). In this, we always try to give honest and correct advice and work with you to find the best solution.

We carry almost all of our custom products during a fitting, so you won’t have to wait long for your chosen item. Of course, not everything is always available from stock, but we will make sure they are delivered as soon as possible after. We work mainly with our own designed TESS products, but in addition we always have the bits from TRUST and FAGER in stock. 

If several people at the stable are interested in a fitting or just want to shop along, a whole day (or a partial day) can be scheduled by mutual agreement. 

Bitten Test Center*
Would you rather try out for yourself which bit is right for your horse? Then you can use our bit test center. If you want to do this, you can order the bit you want to try through our webshop and mention that you are ordering the bit under test conditions. We will then send you a new bit and you will ride with it. Do you like the bit? Then you can keep it. You don’t like it? Then return the bit and we will make your purchase costs excl. the testing fee back to you. The testing fee is €25 per bit, per week that you rode with the bit. Of course, we can also exchange a bit that you don’t like for another model. We can always help you by mail with the choice of the right bit, when you yourself are not sure what will be suitable for your horse.

*Please note: Trust’s white Innosense bits are not covered by our test conditions because they immediately discolor when used.