TESS Products: Created with Passion!

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Who are we?


Who is Tessproducts?

Tessproducts was founded by Tessa de Vrieze. Tessa has been active in equestrian sports for many years and has worked wholesalers for various equestrian sports From this has also created the idea of developing the TESS bridles and setting up www.tessproducts.nl. Besides mother of a daughter, she is also active in the field and gives advice in adjusting a bridle, girth and bitten. There is a lot of demand for the right advice so not only online are our products too attached but Tessa also comes to measure them on location. This is possible throughout the country through various collaborations with bridle and bitfitters.

Where do I find the Tess products?

Of course, all our products can be obtained online. But don’t you know how? Does your horse have a difficult size or would you rather have the right size immediately? For a bridle fitting, bit advice or a singel fitting ask for the conditions by email.

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Why a TESS bridle?

Because of course you only give your horse the very best!

TESS bridles are special main couples, developed from passion for the horse. This extremely modern and functional bridle is so composed that it is friendly to the head of your horse. Many horses are very sensitive on the nerve endings on the head and the thick padding of sheepskin, which sits both under the headpiece and under the nasal strap, ensures a better pressure distribution. As a result, the horse is less bothered by the bridle. The leading piece is also anatomically formed, in order to give the ears more space and freedom of movement.

Of course it is functional and comfort at the forefront of the development of these main couples, but we certainly haven’t forgotten the looks! The main sets can be found in black plain, black lacquer, chestnut lacquer and white lacquer. We have a wide range of front belts (including Swarovski), so you can turn your main couple into a unique eye-catcher.

TESS Bridles: Created with passion