TESS Rope Halter Set + Neckrope

  • Quick Delivery
  • In all sizes!
  • Ultra soft
  • With sidepull rings
  • Create all the way to your own wishes
  • Also possible with leadrope(3.5mtr)


TESS Rope Halter Set + Neckrope


TESS Rope Halter Set + Neckrope

TESS Rope Halter Set + Neckrope is the latest addition to the highly designed products due to passion for the horse.
Because we always want to put the animal-friendly first, we thought it would be a nice addition to ride your horse bitless through a halter with sidepull rings. This set is complete with a neckrope and reins.

Made in the Netherlands by a very young businesswoman! This is something we like to stand for: working with (young) Dutch entrepreneurs.

In the pictures you can see some examples of possibilities, but there is much more possible.
First you choose the base color of the halter and then the nose&earband, reins and neckrope (Accent color).

It is also possible to order a leadrope (3.5 mtr). The accent color is also your leadrope!


Mini, Shet, Pony, Cob, Full, Xfull, Mini+Leadrope, Shet+Leadrope, Pony+Leadrope, Cob+Leadrope, Full+Leadrope, Xfull+Leadrope